•Facility Threat Analysis

•Simulated Active Shooter Drills

•Emergency Response Protocols and Training

When you have a serious project that needs to be done, look no further than Nathan Merithew, America's leader in Cover Six Training™  is the product of the Cover Six Training Academy founded by our CEO, Joey Comeaux. Recognizing the ever increasing need in 2014 for companies to have a defined and attainable plan of action in events of work place violence, Joey turned his previous focus on training law enforcement personnel, to the private sector.

The goal of Cover Six Training™ is aligned with any successful company's goals of protecting employees, maintaining a positive image, and limiting liability. Our turn key and custom designed solutions delivered by professional trainers in the Medical and Law Enforcement fields will keep your company's goals on track. It is what we do. We cover your six.

training for the challenges of today's work place environment

We place a premium on creating true partnerships as a service provider to our clients. As your needs grow and evolve, we will be there with you as someone you can count on.


We are leading the way companies train and prepare their employees to safely and effectively respond to emergency situations in the work place.






How we teach, is equally important as what we teach. This is why our team of Medical and Law Enforcement trainers is made up of quality professionals who have years of collective experience, and are true teachers. 



A training program to deal with work place violence is  not usually top of mind. You know it's a good idea, and should probably have something in place, but you do not know where to start, or have the time. We do the work for you, so you can maintain efficiency in other areas.


"This training has become vitally important in helping to ensure the safety of our employees and limiting our liability by having a plan in place.

~CEO, XYZ Corporation